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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

REVIEW; MUA Blush in shade #1

Hello beautiful people! I'm back with another review of a MUA product which I've been loving for a while now! I really like at MUA's products and as they're so inexpensive but such good quality it doesn't hurt to try them out. Each of the single MUA blushes are £1 each, and they're amazing quality! Anyway on with the review. 

What MUA says;

"Part of out amazing £1 line, our blushers come in six shades. They range from a pink and coral to deeper plums and natural nudes so you'll definitely find one that suits you the most!" Read the rest here.

The packaging; 

All MUA blushers come in MUA's staple packaging. Black base with a clear lid - which is great for seeing what colour the product is inside. It looks professional and sleek and looks like it costs more than £1.

The colour;

This shade is a nice everyday pink without being to bright or too neutral. It has a few specs of glitter in but you can't really see it once its applied to your cheeks. 


Just like MUA's eyeshadows, these blushers are very pigmented for the price. One swipe with my brush is enough to fill my cheeks whilst adding a hint of colour. Also they blend quite well which I recommend you doing if you're paler skinned. This can be a little chalky sometimes but nothing bad. 

Pros and cons;

- Cheap! 
- Great everyday colour 
- Very pigmented 
- Blends well

- The glitter may put some people off buying it. 

Final opinion;

Overall I really like this blusher. I find myself going back to it everyday. It's now a staple part to my daily makeup and I don't see why I'd stop using it soon. The colours great, gives a great hint of colour too the cheeks and plus its very affordable! If you've never tried a MUA blush then you're missing out, go and try one soon! Its only £1 at the end of the day.

Have you tried any MUA blushes? 

Issy xoxo

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