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Monday, 7 May 2012

HAUL; Primark, Superdrug & Newlook!

I don't really tend to do hauls on this blog, but I hope to start a trend on my blog and try and make a 'haul' post every time I go shopping and buy enough worthy of a post! I'd just like to say I'm not bragging about anything I've brought and I brought it all myself. I simply like watching/reading other peoples hauls so I want to make my own posts! Lets begin.. 

First place I went to was Superdrug and I picked up two new Nail Paints by Barry M. Superdrug are currently running a deal on Barry M's nail paints where you get £1 off if you buy two. So it comes to £5 for two which isn't bad for the quality/amount! The two shades I got were '308 Berry I/C' which is a very nice pastel purple. The second shade was '305 Pink Flamingo' which is a hot coral pink. Be sure to look out for a few NOTD's with these beauties! You can buy them from Superdrug here.

Next up Newlook! I went into Newlook intending on buying a black bodycon skirt which I need for a family meal coming up. If you don't know Newlook currently has a sale on in their stores/online so I decided to have a quick browse to see if I could find one and amazingly I did! This beauty was reduced from £17.99 to a amazing £6! I couldn't leave it there for that price and plus its great quality. 

Now onto everyone's favourite - primark! One item I picked up was these tights which were reduced from £3.50 to £2.50 so I thought I'd just pick some up as you can never have to many tights! 

Secondly I got a plain long-sleeved top for wearing under school blouses on the colder days. I love Primark for little things like this as they're so cheap! I love these and already own quite a few. 

Whilst browsing through the isles of Primark I saw a stand with all of these tops on. I already love Super Dry and Hollister tops like this and I was shocked when I found out Primark sell dupes of these great tops. Primark's version are so soft and thick, making them great quality and a bargin for just £6! 

Also like Newlook, Primark have a sale on. Like the top I showed previously they have some colours also on sale! I couldn't believe it. My favourite new Primark buy in the sales! This is a very nice orange colour which isn't showing up to well on camera! *Sad face*. This top was reduced from £6 down the £3 and when I got to the tills to pay it came out as being £1! O.M.G! I couldn't believe it. I love Primark for little things like this.

So that's my haul over! I hope you enjoyed reading it!

Issy xoxo

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