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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

REVIEW; MUA Single Eyeshadow in Shade #1 Pearl.

Hello lovelies! Today I've got a review for you of a popular MUA product. If you don't know who MUA are then you're missing out! They're a makeup brand that sell their products in Superdrug and online. They're known for having great quality products all costing less than £9. Bargin! Today I'm reviewing one of their single pot eyeshadows in shade #1 - Pearl. At just £1 per eyeshadow you can't complain. 

What MUA Says;

"Single eyeshadows that are super high pigmented, smooth and easy to apply and are the must-have item from MUA. They're the barga-licious price of just £1 each and they come in 34 amazing shades from brights to natural colours" (Read the rest here).

The Packaging; 

All MUA eyeshadows come in the simple, yet nice, black and clear packaging. The top is clear so you can easily see what colour you're picking out of your makeup bag. I've found these little containers to be quite sturdy just for £1. 


The colour of this eyeshadow is a soft creamy colour with added shimmer. This is a great colour for highlighting with! I wouldn't recommend to put it all over the lid just because its so shimmery but I've had no problem with it ending up down my cheeks. 

Just one swipe! 


This is a very soft and  very pigmented eyeshadow! The picture above it just one swipe in the pot. I've found all of the MUA shadows to be more pigmented than some more expensive eyeshadows. 


MUA single eyeshadows come in two variations of the finish. You can either get a matte eyeshadow (where its matt..) or a pearl one like this where it has added shimmer. I've found that the pearl ones are a lot more pigmented! 

Pros and cons;

- Super pigmented and stays on all day (no primer) !!!
- A great highlight colour.
- Great soft formula. 

- A little too shimmery for everyday.

Final opinion; 

I love this eyeshadow. I own other MUA single eyeshadows and they all have the great pigmentation and vibrant colour. For £1 it doesn't hurt to try them out to see if you like them. Personally I love them and I can't wait to build up my collection of these little gems! 

What do you think of the MUA eyeshadows? 

Issy xoxo

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