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Friday, 25 May 2012


Aloha ladies! Today I'm writing a very exciting post for you all; an ELF haul! This is my second time ordering from ELF and I love all of the products I got this time. Last weekend (19th May) I ordered from ELF as they had two different offers on. One offer was to get free shipping and a free lipgloss if you spent over £10, the other was to get a free 6-in-1 beauty to go palette. I took the offer of free shipping and lipgloss and this is what I brought!  

All of my goodies ^-^ Follow me on instagram; @beautyslittleangel. 

Buy ELF's nail polishes here.

Two things I added to my virtual shopping basket were two of ELF's nail polishes. I love the nail polishes ELF has (I already own four) and for £1.50 the quality is amazing. 

The first one I chose was in the shade '1556 Mint Cream'. I picked this as pastel nails are in this summer and I don't own a colour like this and for just £1.50 it's worth a try.  

The second nail polish I chose was a top coat in the shade '1590 Matte'. I love the concept of this nail polish. What you do is paint your nails with any colour you wanted, then use this as your topcoat. This creates a whole new look for your nails and can update your old nail polishes! This was also £1.50. 

Buy the 'Super glossy lipshines' here.

This lipgloss is the free gift I got with the offer what was on. It is a 'Super glossy lipshine SPF 15'. I knew before I ordered that the colours ELF were giving away randomly to people who took up the offer weren't the best but I'm really not a fan of this colour. The consistency of these lip glosses are great and they do a great job but I'm not a fan of the colour. Mine is in the shade '2802 Mauve Luxe'. I'm thinking about giving this to my mum as she prefers the darker shades of lip glosses! 

Buy the eyelid primer here.

Another product I decided to pick up is a highly raved about item which is ELF's eyelid primer from their original line. I'm yet to try this out with an eyeshadow but from a quick swatch on my hand I've found it blends very easily so you can't tell that you're wearing a primer on. It has a very nice doe-foot applicator which doesn't pick up too much product - so you aren't wasting it! Mine is in the shade 'sheer'. 

Finally onto the brushes! 

Buy the 'Total face brush' here.

The first brush I picked up was ELF's professional total face brush. I haven't really heard many people talk about this but at just £1.50 I decided to try it. I haven't used this yet but just by touching it I can feel how soft the bristles are! Also it's very dense so it should pick up a lot of product. 

Buy the 'Blushing, bronzing and blending brush' here.

After misplacing my previous blusher brush I brought this one from ELF at yet again just £1.50. I haven't used this yet but I'll report back with a review soon. 

Buy the ELF 'stipple brush' here.

The final product/brush I got was the ELF stipple brush. This is yet again another highly raved about item and I brought this just for my foundation. I shall also make a blog post with a review in the near future. 

Well that's the end of my ELF haul! If you want a review of anything then comment ^_^

Issy xoxo

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  1. I can't wait the review for stipple brush! I want it, but as I am a little bit disappointed with my e.l.f. studio powder brush ( and everyone is raving about this brush), I want to research more before buying it.

    BTW, we have so similar blog names :)