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Saturday, 21 July 2012

My Summer Plans 2012!

Yesterday (July 20th) I finally finished school for the Summer. After what'd been a hectic year for me with exams, friends + personal issues, I'm happy to know I now have 6 weeks off to relax and spend time with my favourite people. 

Here's a list of all the things I'm doing this Summer - 

- Going on holiday! 
This year my dad is taking me and my sister away to Spain. Our nan owns a villa out there so we're going to visit her after not seeing her for nearly two years. We aren't going until August 25th so I've got a while to wait yet! I'm determined to get a tan this year (As I'm so pale!). When I'm back from my break be sure to look out for hauls & more lifestyle posts!

- Going out with friends!
I live quite a distance away from my closest friends so during school time on the weekdays I don't get to go out and see them. The on the weekend they're either visiting their relatives or are busy. That's why I'm glad I now have the time to travel too see them during the holidays! 

- Shopping!
I've got some great shopping trip days planned for the holidays. One of them is another trip too the Trafford Centre. Expect quite a few hauls in the coming weeks! 

- Relaxing
Before the stress of coursework and exams comes back in September, I feel I deserve to rest up and give my mind a break! I'm looking forward to having a lie-ins every morning and having late nights watching movies! 

So what are you Summer plans?

Issy xoxo

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