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Monday, 30 July 2012

ELF in UK stores?

(L-R) Golden Goddess, Blush & Cranberry.

Over the weekend I managed to find myself in my local TK Max store, routing through their discounted make-up section. I found many great deals such as three Essie nail-polishes for only £10! But when I came across three ELF products, I couldn't believe it. If you don't know, If you're in the UK you can only buy ELF online via the website. So when I saw this nail-polish set, I grabbed it with both hands and ran. I also saw one of their Beauty Books and a Eye-lash set. Both were in quite bad condition so I only got this set.

It's called the Glam Bam Nail Polish Set, coming with three beautiful colours. My favourite being Golden Goddess which is a golden glitter topcoat. All of these colours will look great in the Autumn/Winter. They're smaller than usual ELF nail-polishes but they still have the same great quality for the price you're paying. This whole set cost just £2.99! I couldn't believe it.

Make sure to keep your eye's peeled when you're next out shopping!

Issy xoxo 


  1. Yeah I saw some time ago when I was in TK Maxx that they had some e.l.f cosmetics products!
    Looks like you got a great deal though! :)

    Came across your blog. Will start to follow!
    Feel free to check mine out :)

  2. I had no idea Elf was anywhere in the UK...You have made me want to pop to TK Maxx now uhoh!

    I have tagged you for a Liebster award! Would love if you could answer, my little blog would be so appreciative! Plus my questions are pretty awesome :-) x