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Monday, 11 June 2012

Johnson's Baby Shampoo

 Hello lovelies! Today I'm doing a quick tutorial on how to clean your make-up brushes with just baby shampoo! 

Buy Johnson's Baby Shampoo from Boots here for £3.35

Buy the ELF studio stipple brush here  from ELF for £3.75

As you can see, my ELF stipple brush has seen better days! After being used everyday for my foundation, I decided to give it a bit of TLC and wash it. Don't get me wrong, I already wash all my brushes once a month (Daily brushes once a fortnight) but I thought this one needed an extra wash to prevent shredding and keep it in great condition. 

Baby shampoo is great for brush cleaning; it doesn't cost much and also it's gentle so it won't cause your brush to shred or make the colour out of the brush run.

1) Run warm water into sink/bowl
2) Soak brush in the water for 1-2 minutes
3) Put some of your baby shampoo onto the brush and massage it into the bristles
4) Was the brush in the water, then look at the mess you've made!

When you're washing your brushes, make sure you DON'T get the metal casing around the top of your brush wet. If you do, the water will cause the glue to break down inside your brush and make the bristles fall out. Also, when you're leaving your brushes to try; keep them in an upright position so the water can't drain back inside the brush to the glue.

See how clean my brush is now? It's like new!

Have you every tried using baby shampoo for a brush cleaner?

Issy xoxo 


  1. I want to try washing my brushes with baby shampoo:) Till now I was using dish soap and olive oil:)

  2. such a good tip about the glue of the brush, I'll remember that!