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Thursday, 7 June 2012

HAUL; Bank, Toms, H&M and Superdrug!

Aloha beautiful people! Sorry I haven't blogged much this week, I've just not found the time! But today I went shopping to the Trafford Centre. I didn't get that much but I did get some really nice items ^-^ Anyway lets begin. 

My nearest shopping centre doesn't have a Bank shop inside, so when I go to the Trafford Centre I love to go and have a little look around at what's in there! I've been looking for a jacket like this for a while. Topshop sell them but for some reason I've never bought one! I saw this gorgeous coral coloured one and I knew I had to have it. It feels great quality and it's sooooo soft! 

My local shopping centre doesn't have a H&M either, so I love to have a quick nosey from time to time. I've been looking for some summery shorts (which aren't denim) for some time and Primark have some nice ones but they never fit! I love these pair of shorts which I came across today. At just £15, they're perfect! They are a really light weight material which is perfect for when I'm on holiday so I don't get too hot! 

To go with my new "summery" shorts, I picked up some Toms! I've been debating getting either Toms or Vans. But I decided to go with Toms as Vans made my feet look bigger than they already are! I got the classic navy blue colour and they are soooo comfy! I love them. I brought these from Schuh for £35. 

As with every shopping trip I can't help myself but go in either Superdrug or Boots! Today I went to Superdrug to stock up on two essential items. 

One thing I brought is a staple item in my makeup routine and that is foundation. The one I'm currently using is actually a shade too dark for me so I always end up walking around like an orange! So I got a new foundation and I'm trying one I've never tried or looked into purchasing. I thought I'd give it a go! It's Rimmel London's Match Perfection foundation in the shade #100 Ivory. I hope that this is the right shade! I tested it on my hand and it looks OK, but I hope it's the same on my face! This was £6.99.  

My local Superdrug doesn't have a big MUA stand like in the Trafford Centre. It doesn't stock pallets but when I saw the 'Heaven and Earth' one (which is highly raved about) I knew I had to get it! At just £4, you're getting over 10 highly pigmented eyeshadows! I love it. 

And the final thing I brought was my second essential which is my pressed powder. I love the Rimmel Stay Matte pressed powder! It's great. Mine is in the shade #003 Peach Glow. This was £3.99 and it's a bargin!

Ok so that's the end of my haul! Thankyou for reading :)

Issy xoxo

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  1. hope the foundation works for you:) it didnt for me:(