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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

RAVE; Lip Smacker!

I've never done a 'Rave' post before, But I want to make it a weekly segment on my blog! Lets see how it turns out..

If you've never heard of the brand 'lip smackers' than you're missing out! They are the most affordable and best (also smell amazing!) lip balms on the market. You may have seen this around your local Primark stores  - where they tend to sell them around the paying area. They can retail from £1 up to around £4. Primark have theirs super cheap at just £1!

All of mine are from Primark (excluding my Dr Pepper one) and I can honestly say I use at least one of these everyday. 

The smell is just amazing. They are lipbalms which are named after famous fizzy drinks (Sprite, Fanta, Cola etc) and they all smell like the drink! They don't leave a highly-visible colour on your lips and they make them feel (and taste) super soft afterwards! For £1 you cant go wrong.  

Also whilst on my most recent Topshop trip I found this beauty. Its a Lip Smacker, but in a pan form! It tastes and smells just like the Fanta Orange Lip Smacker in the balm form too. This one was £3 though. 

Thats my rave post over with! I couldn't recommend these more to anyone who hasn't tried them. Also if you see them for a £1 then pick one up! 

I've seen this in Primark, Topshop and Claires but I'm sure there are plenty of other shops which sell these beauties! 

Have you tried Lip Smackers?

Issy xoxo

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  1. hi! just discovered your blog! keep you the good work! your doing great! x